Warner's King

(green and sour)

A very old cooking apple, previously known as King Apple. It is said to have originated in an orchard in Weavering Street, Maidstone, Kent.
Although originally from Kent the name comes from Mr Warner, a nurseryman from Gosforth near Leeds who gave it to Mr Rivers who named and introduced it.   Known in Russia as Fish!

Very large, flat round to round conical, irregular, lopsided, flattened at base and apex.
Pale green ripening to yellow, slight pale orange  pink or brown flush, no stripes. Sometimes small amount of russet.  Skin smooth and dry, becomes greasy in store.
Prominent grey brown lenticels.

Cavity wide, deep, irregular, russeted, sometimes lipped.
Stalk deep set, short and stubby, mostly within cavity.
Basin wide and deep, (Sanders says ‘narrow’)
Eye large, closed or part open.
Sepals erect and convergent, tips reflexed. Sanders says ‘long and slender’, Bultitude says ‘large and broad based’. I will check this out as unfortunately my drawing was an early effort and does not show the sepals clearly.
Flesh green tinged white, cooks to a fluff with an excellent sharp flavour.

Tube cone or funnel, Stamens median to basal, Core abaxile.

Tree vigorous and heavy cropping. The two old trees I know still crop heavily every year, still with sizeable apples. Triploid.

Flowering, five days before Bramley’s Seedling with George Neal and Rev. W. Wilks.

Season : Late September to February