Tower of Glamis

(green and sour)

An old Scottish variety, known before 1800. Hogg (Herefordshire Pomona1876) reports that the variety ‘abounds in the orchards of Clydesdale and the Carse of Gowrie’.
Large, round/conical to oblong/conical, flat sided, ribby, square in section, flat at base and apex.
Noticeably five crowned.  Clark says ‘and either four or five ribs which pinch in distinctly round the eye at the apex. This gives the same look an upholstery button can have when it pulls in material around itself while sewing’.
Green with a paler bloom, going yellow green. The bloom gives it a lighter appearance than the underlying bright green. Lenticels white dots, not too noticeable. Skin smooth.

Cavity not too wide but deep, russeted.
Stalk short and stout and to one side, mostly within cavity.
Basin fairly deep but varies, skin pleated and puckered into eye. Sometimes beading around the eye.
Eye closed or part open.
Sepals broad and convergent.
Flesh white tinged green, firm and crisp, juicy. Cooks to a fluff. Sanders says ‘rather tasteless’ but the owner of the tree I know says it is an excellent cooking apple with a good flavour.

Tube long cone, can be slightly funnel shaped.  Sanders says ‘sometimes reaching almost into core cavity’, which agrees with my drawings.
Stamens medium to marginal, Core large, open, abaxile.

Tree upright spreading, compact.

Flowering seven days before Bramley’s Seedling

Season : October to February