Golden Spire



Found in c. 1850 in Lancashire, UK.  It is also a cider variety as well as a cooker.
‘An old variety much grown in the last century in private gardens’ Taylor 1945

A tall, oblong/conical apple.  The apples I have seen have all been medium to small size but reference books all say large – maybe they need thinning to produce larger apples?
Starts pale green, ripens to clear golden yellow, slight orange tone to slight flush on sunny side.  Same colour as Golden Noble but very different shape.
Slightly ribbed, very distinctly five – or more – crowned.
Lenticels inconspicuous tiny russet dots.

Cavity deep and narrow, can be lipped, some light brown russet
Stalk fairly thin, just above cavity, usually bent to one side
Basin deep, no russet
Eye closed
Sepals long, pointed, upright and together, downy
Flesh creamy yellow

Tube short funnel, stamens basal, core open, not many pips

Tree small with weeping habit

Flowering Pollination Group B

Season : September/October although Taylor says October/ November