Deacon's Millennium


Found as a chance seedling at Deacon’s Nursery, Godshill, Isle of Wight
Parents unknown

A round red apple, flattened at base and apex, rounded ribs, can be lopsided. Slightly hammered feel to surface. Light attractive green with crimson/scarlet over in August/September.  Small to medium size.  Lenticels fairly large russet dots.
Blue bloom over crimson.  A pretty apple.

Cavity medium width and can be quite deep, russet lined.
Stalk always above cavity, can be long, some have red colour.
Basin varies, beading in most, skin pleated into eye
Eye closed
Sepals wide, broad based, convergent, often broken

Tube cone, Stamens median.

Flesh pink red under flush, juicy, good flavour, tough skin

Flowering  Pollination Group C

Tree fairly vigorous – I know two gardens where this is grown besides meeting it at Deacons

Season : August/September