Lord Derby


(green and sour)

Raised in 1862 at Stockport, Cheshire by B.W. Witham.  Possibly Catshead was one of the parents. It was first recorded in 1862.

Large, oblong/conical, flat sided, some oblong in shape, almost like a supermarket pepper. Very angular ribs. Flattened at base and apex. Conspicuously five crowned.   Skin very smooth and shiny with no russet.
Hard, bright green, going green/yellow in store, no  stripes. Occasionally a slight brown flush later in season.
Much smoother and less irregular than Lord Grosvenor etc.
Lenticels prominent green spots, larger and whiter towards Eye, can also be grey.

Cavity wide and fairly deep, unusually but possible small amount of russet next to the stalk.
Stalk short, stubby and sunken into cavity (Bultitude says medium to long and protrudes beyond base of fruit). Sometimes lipped.
Basin fairly deep, pinched in and ribbed.
Eye closed or part open.
Sepals broad and reflexed.

Flesh greeny white. Crisp and sharp.  Good cooker and keeps until Christmas.

Tube cone but can be slightly funnel shaped, Stamens marginal to median, Core abaxile.

Tree upright and spreading. Resistant to scab.

Flowering two days after Bramley’s Seedling with Newton Wonder.  Partially self fertile.

Season : October to December