Cornish Aromatic


Found growing in Cornwall in 1813, thought to be much older. There seem to be some discrepancies in the various descriptions in different reference books which I checked. The apple I drew as Cornish Aromatic came from a tree of that name at Deacon’s nursery. Have not yet been able to check with another known tree.

Medium size. Conical, the apple I drew seemed round/conical.(agrees with Taylor)but Bultitude says conical to oblong conical. Ribbed and definitely five crowned.
Dark crimson red flush over orange/yellow over green/yellow, darker indistinct stripes. Skin appears shiny over flush. Russet in streaks and spots. Lenticels very conspicuous as white dots.  Skin dry.

Cavity deep, wide, grey russet lined
Stalk long, medium stout, just above base.
Basin medium width and depth but can vary. Pleated, ribbed and puckered.
Eye small (Taylor)which agrees with the apple I drew and recorded but fairly large, closed or part open (Bultitude)
Sepals long, convergent and erect, mostly broken.  Taylor says the stamens recurve when dry making the eye open.
Flesh green/white, well flavoured.(Bultitude)  Yellow just under the skin but basically white (my observation)  yellow/green (Taylor). I didn’t find this apple very aromatic.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core I think axile and open – need to check

Tree vigorous and spreading

Flowering : Pollination Group D

Season : December to January