Harvey or Doctor Harvey


(green and sour)

An old variety mentioned in Parkinson’s Herbal in 1629.  Sanders says ‘thought to be named after Dr Gabriel Harvey of Trinity Hall, Cambridge’.  Originated in East Anglia and once widely grown.

Large to very large, usually lopsided, round, to oblong/conical.
Usually irregular and often flatsided.  Well rounded ribs.
Yellow green with large patches of russet, especially round base and stem cavity. Sanders says ‘small scuffs and patches of russet on cheeks’, this is a good description in my experience.  Russet increases towards base and apex. (see picture) Occasional slight brown flush, usually on sunny side, or later in season, no stripes. Dry at first, slightly greasy if stored.

Cavity narrow and deep and lined with russet which can spread out over the base.
Stalk short and slender for such a large apple.
Sanders says ‘medium thick’, Bultitude says ‘slender’.  Level with base or just above.
Basin wide, ribbed and russeted. Can be beaded.
Eye large and open, sepals short and broken.
Sepals short and convergent, often broken.

Flesh cream/white, slightly coarse textured, breaks down completely when cooked.

Tube funnel, Stamens median, Core usually abaxile and open.

Tree upright and spreading.  Sanders says ‘partial tip bearer’

Flowering three days after Bramley’s Seedling   Pollination group  D

Season : late September to January