Autumn Pearmain


Probably Autumn Pearmain mentioned in Parkinson in 1629, known in 1500’s.  Origin confused, the Autumn Pearmain growing at Brogdale seems to be the same as the Herefordshire Pearmain, also the Royal Pearmain.  Sanders says it is no longer listed by nurserymen but it can be bought from Deacons in the Isle of Wight and I know of one growing in a garden locally.
Medium size, although the ones I have seen tended to be small. Conical, typical pearmain shape, slightly five crowned.
Dull green going yellow, red stripes with orange flush and overall russet netting. Lenticels conspicuous white dots, surface feels ‘textured’.  Dry skin.

Cavity medium, narrow, brown russet lined. Lipped.
Stalk fairly long, fairly stout and to one side, one in my sample lipped with swollen stalk. 
Basin shallow, slightly ribbed.
Eye with large mostly open
Sepals broad and separated at base.  Slightly five crowned at apex.
Flesh creamy white to green, juicy.

Tube wide cone or slightly funnel shaped, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree moderately vigorous, partial tip bearers

Flowering two days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Lady Henniker and Ellison’s Orange   Pollination Group D

Season : September – November