Allington Pippin


Raised by Thomas Laxton in Lincolnshire before 1884, Cox’s Orange Pippin x King of the Pippins.  RHS First Class Certificate in 1894 as Brown’s South Lincoln Beauty.  Renamed Allington Pippin in that year. Introduced by Bunyards in 1896.

Medium to large size. Conical and regular, sometimes lopsided.
Pale white/green becoming pale yellow, flushed with dull red/orange, some short grey/red stripes. Russet spots and patches on surface.  Lenticels conspicuous russet dots, some star shaped.  Skin smooth and dry.
Can be mistaken for Laxton’s Superb – same shape, same russet cover, same crunch but red rather than purple over all.

Cavity medium depth and width, can be deeper. Grey russet lined – can be scaly
Stalk stout and short, just above cavity.
Basin wide, medium deep, skin a little ribbed into Eye.  Can be some russet.
Eye open or part open
Sepals long, reflexed
Flesh cream/white, juicy, crunchy.

Tube funnel, Stamens basal, Core axile, closed or open

Tree vigorous, upward spreading, heavy but often biennial cropping

Flowering same time as Cox’s Orange Pippin with Wealthy and Epicure     Pollination group C
Season : October to December