Belle de Boskoop


Found at Boskoop, near Gouda, Holland by K J W Ottolander in 1856. Thought to be a bud sport of Reinette de Montford. RHS Award of Merit in 1897. Grown commercially in Germany and Holland but not in UK.

Large to medium size. Tall, round-conical apple, can be oval in shape. Can be lopsided and irregular.  Flattened at base and apex.
Green/yellow skin with scarlet flush and orange stripes showing through russet cover (up to three quarters covered with russet).  Could almost be a russet. Lenticels grey green russet dots. Skin dry.

Cavity deep and narrow, russet lined with some scaly russet.
Stalk medium and stout some embedded in cavity, some just above. 
Basin wide, fairly deep, ribbed.
Eye large, half open. (Taylor says closed – other references say half open, closed to part open)) 
Sepals long, broad and convergent.. 
Flesh creamy yellow. Crisp and sharp.  Bultitude says cooks pale yellow – have not tried.  Sanders says ‘a golden yellow fluff with a fair, sub-acid flavour and rather woolly’.

Tube wide funnel, Stamens median, Core abaxile

Tree large, upright spreading

Flowering three days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with George Cave and James Grieve   Pollination Group C

Season : December on