Beeley Pippin


Raised 1880, by Rev. C. Sculthorpe in Beeley, Derbyshire

Medium size. Short/round/conical, irregular, mostly lopsided, flattened at apex.  Some of the apples in my sample were flat/round to round.  All I can say is that the shape varies!
Green becoming yellow, flushed with bright orange red (Bultitude says also pink/red and Morgan and Richards say ‘dusky pink)) Russet patches. Indistinct stripes, dry feel.
Lenticels very obvious pale brown russet spots.  Considerable russet cover in quite large patches.

Cavity narrow and deep, grey/brown russet lined which spreads over shoulder.
Stalk short and stout, two in my sample had swollen stalks.
Basin wide and wrinkled, skin pinched into eye
Eye closed.
Sepals in my sample all broken – Bultitude says ‘broad and convergent with overlapping tips, very downy’.
Flesh Yellow/cream, skin tough, juicy, quite a good flavour. Aromatic.  The ones I had went soft fairly soon.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core abaxile, open

Tree very spreading

Flowering seven days before Cox’s Orange Pippin   Pollination Group B

Season : September to October