(green and sour)

First recorded in 1862, First class RHS Certificate in 1883.

Large to medium, not as large as some cookers. Round/conical, flat sided, irregular, ribbed.
Pale green becoming yellow green.  Less golden yellow than Early Victoria.
White conspicuous Lenticels, particularly at Apex

Cavity wide, deep, russeted, (Early Victoria mostly has a shallow cavity)
Stalk short and stout, deep within cavity.
Basin narrow, ribbed and puckered,
Eye small and closed.
Sepals convergent with reflexed tips.
Flesh white/green, breaks down when cooked. Juicy and acid.  A really useful early cooker.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core abaxile and open.

Tree medium and upright spreading.

Flowering one day before Bramley’s Seedling. Bultitude says it is the accepted commercial pollinator for Bramley.              Pollination Group C

Season : August to September