Captain Kidd


Sport of Kidd’s Orange Red.

Medium size. Conical, flat base and apex.  Fairly regular, can be lopsided. Scarlet/orange over yellow, going deeper crimson as it ripens, flecked and dotted and netted with russet.  Lenticels russet dots.

Cavity medium width/depth, lined with gold/green brown russet comes out over base.
Stalk stout to fairly slender, fairly short.
Basin medium depth to shallow.
Eye closed or part open.
Sepals broad based and broken
Flesh deep cream, rich aromatic sweet/sharp flavour.

Tube long cone, Stamens median, Core axile or abaxile, open

Tree upright, compact, Crawford says crops well without pruning.  Needs sun to ripen well and develop flavour.  Resistant to scab, canker and mildew

Flowering same time as Cox’s Orange Pippin. Pollination Group C

Season : October to December