Bowhill Pippin


Bowhill Pippin
Raised by A S White, Bow Hill, Maidstone, Kent.  Introduced by Bunyards in 1893 and received RHS Award of Merit that year.  In National Fruit Trials in 1929.

Medium to large size.  Oblong (Taylor says round) flattened at base and apex. Regular.
I noted ‘bright yellow’ when painting this but Bultitude notes it starts greenish yellow.  Orange flush up to one half and short red stripes.  Overall impression of bright colour. Quite a few areas of grey/brown russet.  Lenticels conspicuous as russet dots.

Cavity fairly deep, sometimes lipped, grey brown russet lined.
Stalk short and stout, to or just above cavity.
Basin wide fairly deep, ribbed
Eye large and open.
Sepals erect with tips reflexed, often broken
Flesh cream/white, fairly juicy with sweet flavour.
There seems to be some confusion about whether to classify this as a cooker or as dessert.  Bultitude and Taylor describe it as a dessert.  The New Book of Apples and Crawford describe it as a cooker.  I have no personal experience of cooking it and as it was one of my early records do not have enough information.

Tube wide cone, slightly funnel shaped, Stamens?, Core open

Tree moderately vigorous, good cropper.

Flowering same time as Cox’s Orange Pippin with Upton Pyne and Hormead Pearmain

Season : November to March