Christmas Pearmain


Raised by Mr Manser.  First recorded in 1893. Introduced by Bunyard in 1895.

Medium to small. Typical long/conical ‘pearmain ‘shape, regular, flattened at apex, rounded at base.  Sometimes a little flat sided. Slightly five crowned.
Gold/yellow dull orange red flush and short stripes, Patched and netted with russet. Lenticels very conspicuous white dots. 
Cavity deep and wide,
Stalk long (Bultitude says short) and goes to one side, one in sample lipped. 
Basin very shallow, skin puckered and pleated into eye. Some beading.
Eye large and open
Flesh yellow and crisp? (have only eaten this when past its best)

Tube wide cone, Stamens ?, Core abaxile, open

Tree upright, hardy, good cropper

Flowering:  Pollination Group B

Season : Christmas, November to January