Chiver's Delight


Raised about 1936 (or 1920 - New Book of Apples) by John Chivers Farms Ltd in Histon, Cambs. Introduced in 1966.

Medium size.  Round, Bultitude says flat/round?, slightly lopsided, flattened base and apex. Slightly ribbed and five crowned
Green yellow becoming gold/yellow, flush orange/brown red, with broken darker and brighter stripes. Specks and patches of russet, rough dry feel to skin but goes slightly greasy in store Lenticels pale grey spots.

Cavity fairly deep, cone shaped and wide, russet lined.
Stalk very long, not too slender, to one side. 
Basin medium, ribbed, can be beaded. Can have russet.
Eye small, closed or slightly open.
Sepals short, broad and downy
Flesh creamy white, juicy, good sweet sharp, juicy flavour.

Tube wide funnel, Stamens median to basal, Core abaxile, open, core lines almost non existent.

Tree moderately vigorous, spreading, upright

Flowering one day before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Tydeman’s Early.  Pollination group D

Season : November to January