Court Pendu Plat


Very old variety, possibly going back to roman times.  Grown extensively in Europe before it came to Britain.  The first record of it is in 1613.
The names comes from ‘Corps Pendu’ which refers to the short stalk.

Medium to small size.  Very flat/round, small and very regular. Very flattened at base and apex. Greeny yellow going yellow, flushed dark orange red going dull crimson with short slightly darker broken stripes.  Lenticels very prominent pale dots.  Skin dry. Flecks and patches of russet.

Cavity deep, fairly wide. Lined with russet which comes out over the shoulder of the apple. 
Stalk sturdy, short. Sanders says ‘slender to medium thickness. The stalk is slightly longer on the King apple.
Basin wide and fairly deep, some russet
Eye large open, some have beading.
Sepals separated at base, convergent and reflexed
Flesh yellow/cream.  Firm but juicy.  Good flavour.

Tube wide funnel, can look cone shaped, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree small but vigorous, good cropping.  Sanders says a ‘good tree for the smaller garden.

Flowering : Pollination Group G
Known as ‘wise apple’ as it flowers late and avoids the frost.

Season : December to April