Ellison's Orange


Raised by Rev. C C Ellison at Bracebridge, Lincolnshire and Mr Wipf, gardener at Hartsholme Hall, Cox’s Orange Pippin x Calville Blanc. The grafts were bought by Messrs Pennell and sons and the money used to finance Mr Wipf’s retirement.  Introduced in 1911.  RHS Award of Merit in 1911 and RHS First Class Certificate in 1917.

Medium size. Round, slightly conical, flattened at base and apex, usually regular and symmetrical. Green going gold base colour flushed with distinct but broken orange/red stripes.  Small amount of russet on fruit, skin goes very greasy.

Cavity medium width and depth, can be fairly shallow, lined with brown russet.
Stalk usually long and fairly slender and well above cavity but there can be variations.
Basin regular, fairly deep and ribbed
Eye medium/large, open or part open.  But Sanders says ‘tightly closed’.
Sepals long, erect and reflexed.  Tips often broken.
Flesh once tasted, never forgotten, rich ‘aniseed’ taste and rich flavour.  Good off the tree and for a short time after, does not keep.  Creamy white, crisp and juicy.

Tube small cone or slightly funnel shaped, Stamens median to marginal, Core axile

Tree vigorous, upward spreading, prone to canker but resistant to scab

Flowering two days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Gala and Tydeman’s Late Orange.  Pollination group D

Season : September and October only