Cox's Orange Pippin


Seedling from Ribston Pippin, raised 1825 by Mr. Cox in Colnbrook Lawn, near Slough, Buckinghamshire.  Raised by Richard Cox (1777 – 1845) a retired brewer from Bermondsey.  Introduced by Charles Turner in about 1850.  RHS Award of Merit and RHS First Class certificate in 1962.

Medium size.  Round/conical, mostly regular. Slightly flattened at base and apex.  Green yellow with red streaks on sunny side, ripening to gold and orange.  Brown red stripes on sunny side. Russet specks and patches.  Dry skin.

Cavity fairly wide, fairly deep, russet lined which spreads over base.  Sometimes lipped.
Stalk usually long, fairly slender but varies. Always above cavity
Basin medium width and depth, (Sanders says shallow) some russet, slightly ribbed.
Eye small, half open.
Sepals narrow and reflexed
Flesh flavour as fabled ‘rich, very juicy, full aromatic flavour and perfume’  Cream.

Tube funnel, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree moderate vigour, upright spreading. Prone to canker, scab and mildew.

Flowering : Pollination Group C

Season : November – December