French Crab



(green and sour)

French Crab

Origin not known, imported into England in late 18th century.  Has many synonyms, Easter Pippin, Ironstone Pippin, Iron King, John Apple, Winter Greening, Two Year’s Apple. Widely grown on continent and in UK in 19th century, also in Australia.

Medium size or perhaps small cooking size and very regular.  A completely round apple with flat ends, very hard and firm.
Dark green with numerous small russet dots speckled over surface.  Intense darker green around Eye.
Skin feels greasy.

Cavity Fairly wide and fairly deep, amount of russet varies.
Stalk fairly short and sturdy, level with base or slightly above. (Taylor says ‘thin’)
Basin wide and shallow, although sometimes a little deeper, skin pleated and puckered into Eye.
Eye mostly apical, small, tight and closed
Sepals short and convergent
Flesh Hard, green white and very crisp.  Acid and cooks to a sharp puree.  Alison Richards notes that by January it can become rather bland

Tube short cone, Stamens median, Core closed

Tree medium vigour and upright

Flowering Two days after Bramley’s Seedling   Pollination Group D

Season : January to June