Elton Beauty


Raised by N W Barrit, Ince Orchards, Chester, James Grieve x Worce

ster Pearmain.  Introduced in 1952.  The New Book of Apples says it failed commercially as it was too late for August markets and too sharp if picked early.

Medium size. Shape in sample varied, basically round but 2/4 slightly round conical and one more flat round.  Can be lopsided, flattened base and apex.  Skin going greasy where not covered by russet specks and patches.  Green going pale yellow green, flushed an orange/crimson with some darker striping.  Lenticels prominent russet dots.

Cavity deep and narrow, russet lined, russet extends over shoulder and then in specks and dots over fruit
Stalk just above cavity although one in sample had stalk longer and thinner
Basin deep, beading 1/5 in sample.
Eye closed,
Sepals broad and convergent
Flesh greeny white in early September, ripens to soft white – has ‘Worcester taste’ when fully ripe.

Tube wide cone, Stamens median, Core axile
Lots of pips.

Tree not vigorous

Flowering  Pollination Group B

The New Book of Apples puts this with the striped sweet, James Grieve type apples but the sample I had had a fair amount of russet dots and patches on surface so have put it with Reinettes?

Season : September – December