Isle of Wight Pippin


Introduced to the IOW in 1817, probably much older.
When I was first given this and IOW Russet there seemed to be some confusion.  However I have based my description both on trees seen at Deacons and at Afton Park, Freshwater.

Deacons catalogue says ‘smallish’, Crawford says ‘large’.  My observation is small to medium.
Round to flat round, slightly conical, not too large, some rounded ribs.
Dull green developing dull orange red flush going a more crimson shade as it ripens, a slightly ‘coppery’ general appearance.  Flecks and patches of russet on surface.  Slightly five crowned.

Cavity fairly deep, narrow, lined with russet which extends out over apple
Stalk seems large for size of fruit, above cavity.
Basin fairly shallow, russeted, skin pleated and pinched
Eye closed
Sepals broad and convergent.
Flesh hard and green in September.  Fairly sharp.

Tube broad funnel, Stamens median, Core closed in drawing although later investigations show it as abaxile and open – checked – it opens as fruit ripens, in September it is very immature

Tree vigorous, good cropper

Flowering eight days before Cox’s Orange Pippin. ‘Early flowering but late maturing’ Deacons catalogue’.

Season : January on.