Kidd's Orange Red


Raised in 1924 in New Zealand by J H Kidd at Greytown, Wairarapa.  Cox’s Orange Pippin x Delicious. Introduced to UK in 1932. 

Medium size. Conical,  rounded at shoulder, flattened at base.  Much narrower at apex than at base – although there are always exceptions! Slightly five crowned.
Pale green ripening to yellow, dark red stripes over orange/crimson flush.  Streaks and stripes of russet over fruit. Lenticels fairly inconspicuous white dots.  Skin smooth and dry, becomes greasy.

Cavity wide, deep and russet lined, sometimes lipped.  Russet comes out over base.
Stalk fairly stout, varies in length. In cavity or just beyond.
Basin shallow, ribbed.
Eye small closed. 
Sepals upright, tips reflexed, downy.
Flesh deep cream flesh, good flavour.  Clark says they ‘only do well in the south as they need reliable sunny weather to ripen’

Tube long cone/funnel, Stamens median, Core axile or abaxile

Tree vigorous, good cropper. Partial tip bearer. Resistant to mildew.

Flowering one day after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Merton Joy and Spartan

Season : November to January