Kent or Malling Kent


Raised by H M Tydeman at East Malling research Station in Kent in 1949 from Cox’s Orange Pippin x Jonathan.  Named in 1974.

Medium size. Conical to round/conical, flattened base and apex.  Definite taper into apex. Slightly five crowned.  Can be ‘waisted’.
Green yellow, flushed and striped orange red, develops almost a coppery tone as it ripens. Thick, tough skin. Grey russet flecks and patches on surface.  Lenticels inconspicuous.

Cavity medium width and depth, usually russet lined, can streak out over base. Can be lipped.
Stalk medium thickness and length but usually above cavity.
Basin very deep, definite, ribbed.  Some russet.
Eye part open,
Sepals long and upright.  Downy
Flesh  crisp creamy flesh.  Pleasant flavour, juicy.  Skin tough.

Tube cone or funnel, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree vigorous, upright spreading, heavy cropping

Flowering two days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Gala and Ellison’s Orange

Season : November to February