King of the Pippins


Origin unknown but is identical with Reine des Reinettes as grown in France. Prior name appears to have been Golden Winter Pearmain.
Introduced by Kirke of Brompton as King of the Pippins.  First recorded in 1800.

Medium size. Oblong/conical, some a little lopsided.  A solid feeling apple in September.
My samples were fairly small but should be medium.
Green apple going yellow, brown orange flush with a few deeper bright stripes. 
Lenticels grey/green dots, quite conspicuous and larger towards cavity. Russet patches on surface.

Cavity fairly deep, medium width, russet lined
Stalk stout and above cavity in all in my sample. (Bultitude says stalk medium and slender)
Basin wide and deep, some beaded, puckered.
Eye fairly small and closed,
Sepals wide, pinched together, tips reflexed.
Bultitude says large open Eye but this may be because my sample was immature in September.
Flesh green white going creamy, flavour quite sharp in September.  Description in Bultitude ‘sub-acid with brisk, slightly aromatic flavour’

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core axile, lots of pips

Tree moderately vigorous, upright.

Flowering two days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Pitmaston Pineapple 

Season : October to December