Laxton's Superb


Raised by Laxton Bros. Ltd of Bedford in 1897 a cross between Cox’s Orange Pippin and Wyken Pippin.  Introduced by Laxtons in 1923.  RHS Award of Merit in 1919 and RHS First Class certificate in 1921.  National fruit trails in 1923.

Medium to large size.  Round conical to conical, can be lopsided but usually even.
Pale, dull green, covered with dull purple red flush and darker stripes.  Rough russet patches and flecks.   Lenticels conspicuous grey white dots.  Purple red intensifies as the apple ripens.  Skin dry and slightly rough (could be confused with Allington Pippin?)

Cavity regular, deep, fairly narrow, grey russet lined.
Stalk should be quite long and fairly thick but samples have arrived at Apple Day with short stumpy swollen stalks  - could these be king apples?
Basin medium, even, fairly deep.
Eye smaller earlier in season with sepals pushed together and then reflexed, later eye is part open and seems larger.
Sepals broad based and reflexed – usually with tips broken.
Flesh green white, ‘superb’ flavour. Skin slightly tough.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree vigorous upright, very spreading. Heavy cropper but can settle into biennial bearing Prone to scab.

Flowering two days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Spartan and Golden Delicious.

Season : November to February