(green and sour)

Raised by Gardener Logan  in Ecklinville, Portaferry, Belfast, County Down, Northern Ireland.  Known and recorded by 1800. ‘Esteemed by the Victorians as a sauce apple’ – New Book of Apples.  Was planted commercially until 1930s but is now principally a garden variety as it bruises easily.

Large size but can be quite a variation, even on the same tree. Flat round to round conical, fairly regular, flattened at base and apex.
Starts as all over pea green (similarities to Edward VII} but slight brown tone to one side which develops to a darkish brown/crimson flush covering up to half the apple.

Cavity fairly wide and fairly deep, some russet, lenticels larger around cavity
Stalk short and stout, 2 in my sample had swollen stem.  Bultitude says ‘short and fairly slender, within cavity’.
Basin wide, fairly deep – but varies
Eye looks open with (mostly) broken sepals
(Bultitude says ‘half open’)
Skin slightly puckered into Eye
Sepals short and convergent, broad based but often broken.
Flesh white, breaks down into fluff when cooked.

Tube funnel, Stamens median, Core open and abaxile.

Tree strong and upright-spreading.

Flowering one day after Bramley’s Seedling   Pollination Group D

Season : ? Bultitude – September to November
Hogg – October to Christmas
Taylor – September to October