Mabbott's Pearmain


Raised in Kent, first described in 1883, known for some years before this date.  Introduced by Lewis Killick, Fruit grower of Maidstone in Kent.

Small to medium size.  Round conical to oblong conical.  Not really a pearmain shape as it is wider than it is tall. Definitely flattened at apex.  Pale green becoming yellow and almost completely covered by crimson/scarlet flush with a few darker crimson stripes. Cavity area remains dark green. Lenticels very numerous and obvious Bultitude says ‘large grey green areolar dots which are largest at the base’ which describes them very well.  This could be a red apple but the surface has some russet in addition to the large lenticel dots and Bultitude and the New Book of Apples put it with the Reinettes. ‘A solid little apple’

Cavity narrow and shallow lined with brown/gold russet over dark green.
Stalk short and fairly stout, level with or just above cavity
Basin wide and shallow, ribbed.
Eye quite large, half open
Sepals wide, broad based, mostly broken, downy
Flesh creamy white to creamy yellow, juicy, coarse texture. Pleasant flavour.

Tube funnel, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree upright spreading, part tip bearing.

Flowering one day after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Kidd’s Orange Red

Season : October to December