Ribston Pippin


Raised at Ribston Hall in Yorkshire from seed brought from Rouen in France and planted in about 1707.  RHS Award of Merit in 1962.

Medium to large size.  Round conical, irregular, often lopsided, sometimes flatsided. Ribbed and fairly five crowned.
Green yellow with brown orange flush, going crimson and wide, red stripes, russet patches.  Lenticels conspicuous as grey/green russet dots, some quite large.
Cavity deep and lined with russet, some scaly.
Stalk slender, medium length.
Basin wide and deep, ribbed and with skin puckered in towards Eye.
Eye large, part open with sepals often broken. Sanders says medium size to rather small.
Sepals broad, long and convergent with tips just reflexed.
Flesh pale cream/yellow, juicy, good rich flavour.  Skin a little tough and chewy

Tube long cone or funnel, Stamens median to basal, Core axile or abaxile

Tree vigorous, upward spreading, triploid
In our garden an irregular cropper.

Flowering three days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Lord Lambourne

Season : October to January