Little Pax


Little Miracle or Parvulum Mysterium                         From St Cecilia’s Abbey, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

Sister Anselma of St Cecilia's Abbey raised this tree from a seedling.  The fruit has an excellent flavour and it has proved to be a very good late keeping apple that keeps its flavour in store until at least the end of February.  Verified by the RHS as a new apple stock and has now (2014) been propagated for sale and introduced by Frank P. Matthews, Tenbury Wells, Worcs.

Medium size, distinctly conical (see Jupiter for a similar shape), lopsided and in some cases distinctly five crowned, irregular and slightly ‘waisted’.  By February golden yellow with stripes of scarlet crimson over orange flush.  Russet flecks and spots all over.  Lenticels prominent russet dots, brown on yellow skin, pale on flush.

Cavity deep but fairly narrow, some lipped.
Gold brown russet in cavity spreading out over shoulder.
Stalk long and fairly slender
Basin shallow, apical, crowned with one crown typically larger than the others.
Eye closed bur fairly large.
Sepals convergent then reflexed, long and spreading back over surface
Flesh yellow cream (in February), juicy, crisp, rich, good flavour.

Description from Frank P Matthews 'A firm crunchy skin gives way to a smooth juicy flesh.  Little Pax is a rich, aromatic dessert apple with a sweet essence similar to Honeydew melon and a subtle but lingering champagne like quality.'

Tube cone, stamens basal, core open, rounded, i.e. not star shape, core lines indistinct.

Tree medium/small

Flowering late with very attractive blossom.

Season: December onwards, a good keeper

The notes on this painting were made in 2008 when we were first given a sample to paint and record - there is no sign of a graft on the tree and it was grown from a seedling.