Saint Cecilia


Raised by John Basham and sons, Bassaleg, Monmouthshire, Wales in 1900 from an open pollinated Cox’s Orange Pippin.  First exhibited in 1918.  RHS Award of Merit in 1918 and First Class certificate in 1919.

Medium size.  Round conical to conical – I found a few fruits in my sample were almost oval. Sometimes lopsided, well rounded at base. Green going pale yellow flushed with deep crimson purple. Dark stripes, patches and flecks of russet on surface. Lenticels small and white. Skin smooth, shiny and dry.  Could be confused with a Laxton’s Superb at some stages.

Cavity narrow and deep, russet lined
Stalk short and fairly stout, within cavity
Basin medium width, fairly deep, puckered and ribbed.
Eye Closed or a little open
Sepals long, convergent, often pinched together.
Flesh white/green tinge, very juicy and crisp with a good rich flavour – again it could be mistaken for a Laxton’s Superb

Tube ?, Stamens ?, Core axile, large seeds

Tree vigorous and upright

Flowering three days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Lord Lambourne and Ross Nonpareil

Season :December to March