Rosemary Russet


First described in 1931 – more of a reinette than a russet in spite of its name.  Listed in the catalogue of the 1888 Apple and Pear Conference.

Medium size. Conical, irregular, flattened at base, tapering to apex. Slightly five crowned. Irregular, sometimes lopsided. Pale green/ yellow with red/brown flush and a few short red stripes.  Russet mostly around apex, see photo, but also a little elsewhere on apple.
Large russet lenticel dots.  Skin dry. 

Cavity medium width, medium depth, russet lined,
Stalk long and fairly stout, but can vary,  can be to one side. Above cavity.
Basin wide, varies in depth, russet lined,
Eye small, part open,
Sepals small,  broad, convergent with reflexed tips
Flesh creamy white, juicy. ‘brisk, sweet yet sour flavour with plenty of juice’ Sanders

Tube cone or funnel, Stamens marginal or median, Core axile

Tree moderately vigorous, moderate crops

Flowering one day before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Margil

Season : November to March