Raised about 1918 by Mr G C Addy in Ightham, Kent from a Cox’s Orange Pippin seed. Introduced by Mr Addy and Mr William Rogers of Dartford in Kent. Named in 1933.  RHS Award of Merit in 1960 and a First Class Certificate in 1982.

Medium to small, needs thinning to produce apples of a good size. Flat round to round conical, neat but can be lopsided. Regular.
Green going yellow, flushed orangey red with short red stripes, some of the fruit stays green or yellow (see picture). Lenticels can be quite noticeable as grey russet dots. Russet flecks and patches over surface.
Cavity fairly wide and deep, russeted,
Stalk long and fairly stout, knobbed at end, above cavity. 
Basin medium width and depth, russeted.
Eye closed to half open
Sepals small, convergent and erect
Flesh white, crisp with Cox like flavour.  Aromatic

Tube funnel shaped, Stamens median, core axile

Tree moderate vigour, compact, good garden trees.

Flowering two days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with James Grieve and Fortune

Season : October – November