Raised at Welford Park in Berkshire by William Pope in 1920 from Cox’s Orange Pippin x Worcester Pearmain.  Introduced as Winter King in 1935 and received the RHS Award of merit that year. Renamed Winston in 1944 and received another Award of Merit in 1951.

Medium to small size. Round conical, can be long conical – King fruits.  Fairly regular, flattened at apex, more rounded at base.
Dull green yellow, flushed purple red with darker crimson red stripes.  Can look a little dull and dark but can also be brighter.  Conspicuous white Lenticel dots.  Russet on surface, sometimes russet patches.

Cavity medium, can be deep, often lipped, grey russet lined.
Stalk short stumpy, level with base or just beyond.
Basin medium width and depth to shallow, very even and distinct.  Some russet.
Eye mostly open or part open.
Sepals stand up. Long, erect/convergent
Flesh flavour good, flesh creamy white. Juicy, Aromatic.  Skin tough.

Tube funnel, Stamens median to marginal, Core axile

Tree moderately vigorous, upward spreading

Flowering four days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Ashmead’s Kernel and Merton Beauty

Season : December to April