Early Victoria or Emneth Early

(green and sour)

Discovered at Emneth near Wisbech
and introduced in 1899.  Lord Grosvenor x Keswick Codlin.  Usually known as Early Victoria. Award of Merit from the RHS in 1899.

Variable size, can be small for a cooker. Round/conical, sometimes longer. Ribby and irregular.  No two apples seem to be quite the same, king apples are sometimes long and conical. Occasionally a hairline.
Green yellow ripening to gold yellow, no flush or stripes.  Lenticels appear as fairly inconspicuous small grey dots.

Cavity wide and shallow without russet. Sometimes nonexistent.
Stalk short and stout, usually slightly beyond base.
Basin shallow, puckered and beaded, irregular
Eye small, tight and closed.
Sepals tightly pinched together.
Flesh green and firm, breaks into fluff when cooked – a good early cooker.

Tube cone shaped, Stamens marginal, Core axile.

Tree moderate vigour and upright although spreading in old age. (see Northcourt tree) Can be a biennial bearer and the fruit needs thinning.  Fruit bright yellow and on ground by late August/early September.

Flowering two days before Bramley’s Seedling   Pollination group C

Season : Late July to mid August