Brought from France in the 1500s


Medium size.  Round/conical, flattened at Base and Apex, rounded on shoulders.  Regular neat looking apple. Solid feel.

Green with red/brown flush over half, a shiny bronzed appearance except where russet covered.  Lenticels conspicuous russet dots on flush, larger towards base.


Cavity wide, not deep, russet lined, russet can streak out over shoulder.  Lenticels around cavity larger.

Stalk stout and long, above cavity.  1/5 stalk swollen and cavity lipped.  Stalk seems to colour up as Apple ripens.

Basin fairly wide and shallow.  Some russet.

Eye opens as ripens, stamens visible

Sepals broad and separated at base

Flesh green/white – going cream.  Quite sharp in September – developing a ‘russet nut’ taste.  Skin quite thick.  Not juicy although Sanders says ‘juicy’


Tube cone/funnel, stamens median to marginal, Core axile


Tree good cropper, lots of spurs


Flowering time ?


Season December to March