Ross Nonpareil


Origin Ireland recorded in Meath, 1802.  Introduced by Robertson to England in 1892.

Small, neat, round to round conical, a little lopsided, flat base and apex.
Greenish yellow, going gold, slight orange brown flush with short orange (later in season dark red) stripes. Mostly covered with grey/brown russet. Lenticels large grey russet dots.  The Lenticels appear as large raised bumps around the base.

Cavity deep, narrow and russeted.
Stalk stout and beyond cavity – mostly. Bultitude says ‘slender’)
Distinctive raised ‘bumps’ spreading out from cavity. 
Basin shallow, russet lined, a little puckered
Eye large, (Bultitude says ‘rather small’) open.
Sepals erect but mostly broken.
Flesh  crisp, sharp, good flavour in October.  Dry, white tinged green, a little tough.

Tube funnel, Stamens median, Core axile, closed

Tree upright and fairly vigorous.

Flowering Three days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with George Cave.

Season : November to January