Reinette du Canada



January - from store

First recorded in 1771, probably from Normandy, France.  RHS Award of Merit in 1901.

Large although the sample I had were medium from a heavy cropping tree.
Round, slightly conical, irregular, lopsided, angular, flatsided, distinctly flattened at base and apex.  Five crowned.
Golden brown russet all over except for an area of clear yellow skin near apex on some.  Scaly darker russet on base and in cavity.
No stripes. Lenticels large grey russet dots.

Cavity wide and fairly deep, russet lined
Stalk fairly stout, just above cavity and typically bent to one side, almost lying on the apple.  Bultitude says the stalk is ‘within cavity’.
Basin wide, shallow to medium depth.
Eye large and open in February, part open at start of season.
Sepals wide and reflexed, mostly broken at tips.
Flesh green white to cream, dry, coarse, but good, fairly sweet taste.

Tube wide funnel, Stamens basal, Core closed and axile, core lines very distinct.

Tree vigorous and spreading

Flowering three days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with King George V

Season : December to March