Pitmaston Pine Apple


There are two dates given for this apple, The Herefordshire Pomona says ‘ A seedling raised by Mr Williams of Pitmaston, near Worcester, 1825’ and in Bultitude ‘ Raised by Mr White, steward to Lord Foley at Witley, England in about 1785.  Said to be a Golden Pippin seedling, introduced by Williams of Pitmaston, England.’

Small, oblong, conical and distinctly flattened at base and apex. Fairly regular.
Skin ripening to golden yellow, some russet cover, particularly around the base.  No stripes but can flush brown/red on exposed side.  Lenticels very conspicuous as large russet dots.

Cavity not deep, narrow and russet lined, the russet can be corky.
Stalk stout and medium length but always above base.
Basin wide and shallow, slightly ribbed, can be beaded.
Eye medium size, part open.
Sepals broad, downy, convergent, mostly with broken tips (September)
Flesh creamy, gold just under the skin.  Juicy and sweet with a definite flavour, skin dry and tough.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core, size of cells tends to be uneven (see drawing) very definite core lines.

Tree upright and vigorous.

Flowering One day after Cox’s Orange Pippin with George Carpenter and Mabbott’s Pearmain.

Season : September to December