Merton Russet


Sturmer Pippin x Cox’s Orange Pippin, raised 1921 by M. B. Crane, Merton, London. Named in 1943.

Small, round conical, flattened base and apex
Pale cinnamon/gold russet over yellow/gold base.  The apples in the sample I had developed a brown red flush on one side.

Cavity deep and narrow, lined with golden brown russet which then covers shoulder and most of fruit
Stalk long and fairly slender
Basin wide, medium depth, almost completely russet lined.  Skin pleated into Eye.
Eye open
All Sepals broken in early September, leaving an open eye.
Flesh firm green white going cream/yellow.  In September very sharp but mellows when kept. In Crawford ‘sweet sharp, firm, flavour acid drop but mellowing’.

Tube narrow cone, Stamens median, Core axile, closed
Pips round and plump

Tree vigorous and heavy cropping

Flowering three days before Cox’s Orange Pippin

Season : November to February