From the Netherlands and given to me by Mr Jan Klei, now living in Newport, Isle of Wight who grows several varieties from his home country.
The New Book of Apples says ‘ raised late nineteenth century by notary J.H.Th. van den Hamm of Lunteren, Veluwe, north west Arnhem.
One of the many seedlings raised by van den Hamm and Lunteren villagers as part of a project to improve local farmers’ conditions.’

Large, flat round to round, some conical, some lopsided.
Lemon/green to Lemon/yellow with russet over half the surface in flecks and patches.

Cavity fairly deep and fairly wide, russet lined, corky russet in cavity and on the shoulder.
Stalk very short, stout and embedded in cavity.
Basin deep, fairly narrow and usually russet lined.
Eye closed.
Sepals broad, convergent and reflexed.
Flesh white/green, a lemon acid taste but very pleasant and refreshing.  The New Book of apples says ‘strong lemony acidity: mellows to intense sweet-sharp taste’ a better description than mine and one I would agree with.

Tube funnel, Stamens basal, Core axile but open.
Pips long, flattish and not numerous.

Tree medium vigour

Flowering a few days before Cox’s Orange Pippin.

Season : November to January