Isle of Wight Russet


Found at Deacon’s Nursery; no history.

Medium. Round-conical, some apples very distinctly conical, flat at base and apex.

Very brightly coloured, orange and yellow striped apple with variable russet streaks and patches. The russet cover can be very variable and comments at Apple day have been ‘that doesn’t look much of a russet to me’.

Cavity wide and fairly deep, russet lined.
Stalk varies but mainly short and stout.
Basin deep.
Eye large and open.
Sepals broad, mainly with broken tips
Flesh   creamy, crisp and sharp (in late September)
Tube funnel, Stamens median, Core small with very distinct core lines, axile/closed.

Tree the only trees I know of this variety are quite young (at Afton Park, Isle of Wight and in Deacon’s Nursery) and I would not like to say how they will develop.

Flowering – Pollination group 2 in Deacon’s catalogue with Jonagold and Cox’s Orange Pippin

Season : ‘a mid winter dessert apple’ (Deacon’s catalogue) i.e. pick in October, ripening in November and keeping until January or February.