(green and sour)

Originating in pre 1600’s, possibly from the Severn valley? Known as Katzenkopf in Germany, and in France as Tete du Chat.  Named in Parkinson in 1629.  Bultitude says that it is impossible to say if the apple named as Catshead in the National Fruit Trials is true and the same variety.

Large to very large, long, irregular, oblong. In profile lives up to its name – sometimes with a little bit of imagination.  Very ribbed and five crowned. Lenticels not numerous, skin very smooth.
Green but develops red brown flush.

Cavity deep, irregular, russet lined.
Stalk short and stout, level with base, or just slightly above cavity
Basin wide, deep, irregular, ribbed and puckered, can be a little russet.
Eye large and open.
Sepals mostly broken but separated at the base.
Flesh greeny white and coarse textured.

Tube cone opening into tube, open all the way to the core, Stamens median, Core abaxile and open.

Tree large and vigorous

Flowering One day before Bramley’s Seedling with Grenadier. Pollination group C

Season : September to January