Duke of Devonshire (syn. Allspice)


Raised in 1835 at Holker Hall, Lancashire by Mr. Wilson, gardener to the Duke of Devonshire. Introduced in about 1875.

Medium. Short round conical, sometimes flat round. They sometimes seem distinctively flattened at base and apex. Taylor says ‘ shaped like a flat Cox’.  Regular.
Green skin, brown flush and patchy russet.  The russet is usually more patchy and netted than Ashmeads Kernel.  Conspicuous white lenticels.

Cavity narrow and shallow. Russet lined.
Stalk very short and stout, embedded inside cavity. 
Basin wide and shallow, ribbed and puckered. Large open Eye. Bultitude says ‘medium size, closed or half open’
Sepals short, upright and convergent.
Flesh green tinged and hard, dry and nutty, unripe in November when I sampled it.

Tube cone, Stamens median/marginal, Core axile

Tree spreading, freely spur producing.

Flowering Same time as Cox’s Orange Pippin  Pollination Group C

Season : January to March