D'Arcy Spice


From the gardens of The Hall at Tolleshunt D’Arcy, near Colchester, Essex in about 1785. First introduced as Baddow Pippin in 1848.
‘This is a dessert apple of the first-rate character, in season from November, but possessing the desirable quality of keeping until April or May’ Herefordshire Pomona – 1880

Small, Oblong, irregular, five crowned.  Light yellow green , pink brown to purple brown flush, half to three quarters russet covered. Bultitude says ‘dark grey brown, dirty looking russet’ Sanders says ‘a scruffy looking apple’.  Size varies on the same tree, found to be a poor seller at the local Farmer’s Market on account of its appearance.
Can usually be distinguished from other russets by the oblong shape and general untidiness.

Cavity narrow, deep, russeted. 
Stalk stout and short, within cavity but there are a few exceptions. Taylor notes that ‘the stem may be slender and quite long’
Basin usually medium and ribbed. Taylor says ‘deep basin’ and this is so in some apples that I have recorded
Eye usually closed or part open, quite large
Sepals large, broad based and convergent
Flesh greeny white, should develop a spicy flavour after storage

Tube narrow funnel, Core axile, closed or open, Stamens median/marginal

Tree fairly weak, spreading, produces spurs freely.  Biennial/erratic cropper, needs a hot summer to do well

Flowering Three days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Ashmead’s Kernel and Lady Sudeley.   Pollination group D

Season : December to April