Brownlees' Russet


Introduced by Mr William Brownlees, a nurseryman at Hemel Hempstead, Herts about the year 1848

Medium to large, flat round and short round conical. Some lopsided. Green but almost completely covered by russet, which seems to me to be more olive green than Egremont Russet’s brown green. Some russet scaly, particularly at the Apex.  Lenticels white dots, larger and more noticeable at the Base. Bultitude says the russet has a silvery sheen – could be my ‘olive green’.

Cavity medium width and depth, russet lined.
Stalk can be variable, in one sample of five I found 1 x slender, 3 x medium, 1 x swollen, all to cavity or just above.
Basin shallow and medium width, a little wrinkled and some uneven.  Patches of green skin more noticeable around Basin.
Eye closed or slightly open.
Sepals erect, convergent, often with broken tips.
Flesh green tinged, juicy, acid with what I think of as a ‘russet flavour’ i.e. reminiscent of Egremont Russet

Tube narrow funnel, Stamens median/marginal,
Core axile and closed in my sample although Sanders says it can be open and axile.

Tree vigorous and upright

Flowering two days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Adam’s Pearmain and Sunset   Pollination Group C

Season : December to March