Ard Cairn Russet



From Cork, Ireland c. 1890 as identified orchard tree by Baylor Hartland of Ard Cairn Nursery
Award of Merit from RHS in 1910

‘A small round apple, somewhat tall and conical in appearance’ Taylor
Conical, flattened base and apex
Crimson/orange red/golden brown, half to three quarters covered with rough russet.
Bultitude says ‘very like a small Kidd’s Orange Red’

Cavity deep and wide. Lined with russet.
Stalk varies, mostly stout. (Taylor says ‘long and slender)
Basin wide and fairly shallow, slightly puckered into Eye
Medium large Eye. Taylor says small but Bultitude says fairly large and the sample I drew had fairly large Eyes for the size of fruit.
Sepals broad, large and long, erect with the tips reflexed, usually broken.
Flesh creamy yellow, firm, not juicy. Sweet russet taste.

Tube wide cone, Stamens median, Core axile and open

Tree strong, upright, can be a tip bearer

Flowering – one day after Cox’s Orange Pippin, with Mabbott’s Pearmain and William Crump

Season : October to late January