Reinette Rouge Etoile


Originated in Belgium or the Netherlands.  First described in 1830.  Widely grown in Europe i.e. Sternapfel in Gernany etc.

Small, deep crimson round apple, perhaps slightly conical.  No ribs. Apex higher on one side in several.  Flattened base and apex.
The colour goes right into the Eye although in September the apple was green on top around the cavity.  Lenticels very noticeable as pale rough russet dots, larger towards the base and more numerous towards the apex.  Smooth and shiny except for Lenticels.

Cavity wide and shallow, russet lined
Stalk short and stout, can be swollen
Basin fairly wide, not deep bur definite
Eye wide open
Sepals long, narrow, reflexed
Flesh green white earlier, slight red tinge under flush later.  Not as sweet as Duchess’s Favourite
Nothing to shout about.

Tube wide cone Stamens basal, Core closed

Tree tendency to tip bear

Flowering six days after Cox’s Orange Pippin

Season : October to November