Worcester Pearmain


Thought to be seedling from Devonshire Quarrendon.  Raised by Mr Hale of Swanpool near Worcester.  Introduced by Messrs Smith of Worcester in 1874, RHS First Class Certificate in 1875.

Medium size. Round, round/conical to long/ conical, can be lopsided.
Pale green becoming pale yellow green but almost completely flushed bright, crimson red. Also stripes and mottling of red over flush and spreading onto yellow ground.
Lenticels very conspicuous, fairly large pale russet dots.  Skin goes greasy.

Cavity deep and not too wide, russet in cavity usually extends a little over shoulder of apple.
Stalk medium to slender, to base or just above.
Basin shallow, ribbed and beaded.
(Bultitude says ‘moderately deep basin’? But not usually in my experience)
Eye small and tight closed.
Sepals small and erect with tips reflexed.
Flesh white, firm and juicy, definitely does not keep for very long.  Sanders says commercially they are usually ’picked too early resulting in an inferior flavour’.

Tree moderate vigour, produces spurs freely but can also tip bear.

Flowering same time as Cox’s Orange Pippin.

Season : Early September to early October.