Tydeman's Early Worcester


From a cross developed by H.M. Tydeman at East Malling Research Station, Worcester Pearmain x McIntosh.  Introduced in 1945.  Named in 1963.

Medium size. Round to round/conical, rounded ribs, can be lopsided.
Green yellow becoming yellow, half to almost fully covered by crimson flush. A few faint stripes. Lenticels conspicuous as white russet dots.  Skin smooth, becomes greasy.

Cavity narrow and deep, lined with gold/brown russet.
Stalk medium and long (Bultitude says slender stalk) Always above cavity.
Basin narrow and fairly shallow, sometimes beaded
Eye tightly closed and small.
Sepals short and erect/convergent
Flesh white and juicy, refreshing and welcome as an early fresh apple.
Skin tough and waxy.  When ripe flesh has a red tinge under the skin.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core axile or abaxile, open

Tree spreading, some tip bearing, mainly spurs.

Flowering one day before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Fortune and Jonathan

Season : Late August to early September.